Stamps and embossers

…from the time when accountants wore sleeve protectors.
Personalize your letters, invitations and written messages quickly with your logo stamp.
A traditional blob of paint in a computer print out.

With a atmap mark you set accents in your mail. Well designed address stamps, or a logo stamp give a personal touch. Stamp your logo with a large wooden stamp on packaging, stationery and envelopes.

Stamps are a cost-effective alternative to customize your products. Decide whether you prefer to order a traditional wooden stamp or a self-inking stamp.

QR stamps guide your customers to your homepage or hide an individual message in the QR code stamp. We create the code for you and also produce your stamp.

Our favourites are embossing presses! This is how letterheads are nobly embossed with your trademark. A very discreet method letterhead and cards to imprint your logo or address. We offer embossers in round and square. And look forward to your order!