We appreciate your feedback and it spurs us on. Thank you very much!

Mrs. Reichert possesses the ability to pick up my thoughts and ideas so perfectly and then pour them into a mould like no other. Clarity, style, elegance and extravagance are clearly worked out. I’m really proud of every one of my products she makes. They always correspond 1:1 to my “intended statement”. Thank you very much!

Very personal, incredibly practical and beautiful. The pride of my private desk.

Business cards have turned out simply wonderful. I like them a bit better than the earlier ones with the shiny surface. The colour is simply beautiful! Thank you very much again for your efforts!

Best regards

Postcards have become great!!!!Thank you

I am very happy and thank you very much for my new logo!

our new family logo suits us so well. We enjoy it every day when we proudly distribute the new business cards among friends and relatives. Thank you for your great designs

Our guests liked our invitation cards for the wedding so much that we now also want to put our family logo in your hands. Thank you so much for the fast and loving way in which you have created this extraordinary wedding card design for us.

Thank you very much for all your efforts with the design of our great family logo. We are very happy that you persuaded us to choose the dark variant.

We will gladly recommend you!

We are very pleased that you have drawn our company logo so creatively, competently and quickly. We thank you very much and can already tell you about the first positive customer comments!

The invitations are great! We’re looking forward to the party. If you didn’t live so far away, you’d have to visit us!

Dear Mrs. Reichert,

You took so much time and sent us really great proposals. It’s a shame that we only want to register one company.

We are still discussing which business papers and stamps we should order for our expressive company logo. We’ll get back to you once we have decided.

We use both our new stationery and the Word template every day and think that the logo and the new corporate identity are a perfect match for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you! At the end of the year we will also have you design the relocation cards.

After we had the company logo designed by angereichert, we also had a private logo drawn for us. It’s very personal and totally in line with us.

I wanted a logo for my shop and got a lot more: Consulting support and a company logo that couldn’t be nicer. Thank you

The foundation logo is so beautiful, so special and everyone associates a different aspect of our foundation with it. A thousand thanks

It was great that you were able to deliver the business cards in time for the trade fair. Became a real eye-catcher. I’m very proud!

The unusual format makes it a real eye-catcher and more versatile than just a business card, e.g. as a small card for a small message in the mailbox or on the desk of a colleague, etc.

For reasons of data protection, we have abbreviated the names of those who have not expressly agreed to the publication.